The El Capitan Hike - El Cap from Tunnel View, Difficulty: Brutal (a new grade for us)Distance: 19.4 miles (31.2 km)Elevation: 5,219 feet (1,519 metres)Time needed: 8 - 11 hours inc Eagle Peak side trail. There’s nothing quite like pitching a tent out in the great outdoors, and for camping purists, tent camping is the only way to go. We used poles, highly recommend but not a requirement. We’d recommend lots of snacks and a decent amount of water (a lot of water if you don’t plan on filling up at the creeks). El Capitán State Beach offers visitors a sandy beach, rocky tidepools, and stands of sycamore and oaks along El Capitán Creek. You begin climbing on a mixture of sandy slopes and uneven steps which are endlessly uphill but not too steep. The summit is so gorgeous, you'll forget the pain. Location info. However, once you’re at the top of the falls, things get much easier. This was the hardest trail I have ever hiked. There are 2 known rock routes and the potential for expansion. Get off the Snow Creek Trail on the Yosemite Falls trail at this GPS location: 37.759595, -119.599194. At this point there’s good news and bad news. Then picnic at the lake and enjoy the view. Rinse and repeat for as long as possible. The views of the valley and Half Dome are incredible, one of the best in the park, and considerably better than those at El Cap, which is why we highly recommend taking the detour. Maybe you’ve heard of Alex Honnold’s bleeding-edge ascent of El Capitan without any ropes for protection in the Oscar-winning film, Freesolo. Started around 8:30 AM at Camp 4 and got back around 4:30 PM. Unless you’re super fit, be sure to take some breaks as you’ll need energy for the rest of the hike. We loved this trail. Only go as far as you feel comfortable knowing that every step you make downhill you have to come back up again! Beautiful trail, would definitely do it again. El Capitan (Spanish: El Capitán; The Captain or The Chief), also known as El Cap, is a vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park, located on the north side of Yosemite Valley, near its western end.The granite monolith is about 3,000 feet (914 m) from base to summit along its tallest face, and is a popular objective for rock climbers.. El Capitan is a majestic rock wall extending far into the sky above a beautiful lush green meadow. The path gets very narrow in sections but the scrambling is not difficult. Return to Pine Springs campground via the El Capitan Trail. Upper Oso Campground. It will also mean that you have oodles of time to take breaks and get back down the mountain long before dark. You’ll need a good level of fitness, as the shortest route to El Cap is around 18 miles return, but this will mean missing the best views at Eagle Peak. It’s a great place to have a break or some lunch. It's not recommended to backpack for your first primitive camping trip with kids. You can do this hike from El Capitan, too, if you want, too. Started hiking at 6:40 am (sunrise), it was 27 degrees outside, but with no wind it was very nice. Primitive camping, also commonly referred to as backcountry camping, forgoes reservation campsites in favor of more remote areas without amenities such as bathrooms, running water or first aid supplies. Refugio State Beach also features primitive hike-in camping. When our son was small we used to go camping in very primitive campgrounds. The El Capitan Hike: where Upper Yosemite Falls should have been! El Capitan is the largest exposed-granite monolith in the world and among the most popular rock-climbing destinations in the US. Fantastic and incredibly grueling! On the flip side, primitive camping is a simplified way to get in tune with nature without all the fuss. The hiking community is on pins and needles in anticipation of your review. Watch climbers scale the sides of El Capitan. Didn’t see mama bear anywhere. Phone battery is low” about a month ago. You don't even need an airbed underneath you because the sand is so soft. El Capitan is one of the most famous and recognizable granite monoliths in Yosemite, with its intimidating 3000-ft tall sheer vertical wall that stands across from Bridalveil Falls and welcomes awe-struck visitors into Yosemite Valley. At times there is a camping store and you can visit the store at El Capitan State Beach, but other than those two you will have to drive about 1/2 hour to a market. Things I would definitely suggest bringing: LOTS of water (3-5 L/person), bug spray, sunscreen, a headlamp (was almost dark when we finished), extra phone batteries, and hiking poles. Just north of Santa Barbara on California’s Central Coast, El Capitan Canyon comprises 126 cabins, yurts and tents set on 300 acres. At the top of the ramp, continue down the frontage road. What a wonderful experience! We started at 8am and finished right before it got dark at 6:30pm. The hike is longer than AllTrails says I stayed on route and it was like 16 miles. For at least an hour it’s a matter of one foot in front of the other, as you drag yourself to the top! El Capitan was thrust into the limelight recently through a few jaw-dropping films. There are two routes you can take up El Cap: the first being the one via the Upper Yosemite Falls Track and the second being via Old Big Oak Flat Road. Our campsite was large and full of chipmunks! So we put together a list of our eight favorite hike-in campsites in Northern California. There are 119 sites, with accommodate tent camping as well as RVs and trailers. We used to talk about travelling the world together, and in 2012 we finally made that happen. All Rights Reserved. Once you hike back down to your car, you can then easily walk about a 100 yards under a bridge and catch some nice California waves. It’s impossible to miss as it makes the path muddy. Round trip was 17.5 miles. Tent Camping Sites. As you can see from the picture hiking this trail in the fall is not the best for water flow : ), Read next: The best kept secret in Yosemite - Sentinel Dome. Hike in, stay over, do the Four Lakes, take a million pictures, stay over again, hike out. It’s pretty incredible. El Capitan is full of great camping spots, the sites are well spaced among the trees which overlook the beach, so you can unzip your tent to ocean views. For the group sites, the walk to the camping area is very short, maybe 30 to 40 yards from the parking area (see photo). The rock got its name when in 1851 the Mariposa Battalion explored Yosemite Valley. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from April until October. I did this trail simply out of knowing how popular it was, but it honestly was not my favorite in the park. Ends at Camp 4, near a parking lot, to the East of El Cap; If you don’t feel like rappeling, of course hiking is still an option. The scramble to Eagle Peak on the El Capitan hike. Normally on the trail there are several sources allowing you to carry less with you at any one time. The surrounding part of the campsite was dirt and included a not quite level table that has seen better days, and a fire pit. This trail was very long and very hard, but it takes you up to the highest point of El Capitan right above the Nose. You can sleep right on the beach. The best time of day to photograph this location is during sunrise and sunset. Just hiked to the top of El Capitan!! poles would’ve been great for the way down. ... Posted by 1 year ago. Great views and an interesting trail. Read next: The best hikes in Joshua Tree National Park. Camping at Refugio is dry camping so no RV hook-ups although it offers showers. Beaches. However, once you’re at the bottom all is forgotten as you’ve just completed one of the toughest hikes in Yosemite! Views on top are sweet, but you have to scramble quite a ways down from the top to get to a proper cliff’s edge of El Cap. Eagle Peak has incredible views of the valley and Half Dome. Stanford Point campsite staring right at El Capitan. The sprawling, glamping-style property boasts easy beach access, hiking trails, a solar-heated pool and even llamas (! Message from El Capitan Canyon and Ocean Mesa Campground. Upper Yosemite Falls trail has nice views of the valley and of the falls, but the falls are nearly dry right now. Sign up below to receive stories and tips from Walk My World. This helps towards the costs of running our website. The El Capitan Hike: the pine forest on the way to Eagle Peak. Trekking poles can make the descent easier on your knees. Per person we had 3 ltrs of water and 20 oz of Gatorade, 2 pbnj sandwich, and jerkey. EL Capitan Campground Bogor Koordinat map -6.623549722657152, 106.89597322939933 Cijayanti, Kec. I left my car at 9am and returned at 7pm. The quickest time to hike the trail is about 8 hours, but the average is between 10-12 hours. The best time to start is early in the morning. This Yosemite webcam is maintained by the Yosemite Conservancy. I highly recommend NOT doing any of the following: Drink 3 bottles of wine the night before you hike; oversleep; skip breakfast, other than coffee and Diet Dr Pepper; try to make up lost time by starting fast. After heading downhill for five minutes (something that feels incredibly disheartening) you reach the foot of Upper Yosemite Falls and see just how much higher you have to climb! Lack of comfort was the main reason why we gave up camping, but El Capitan Canyon campground doesn’t look bad at all. It is a beautiful cove that you can shore fish, kayak, play in, lots of fun in this small state beach. Camp: China Hole Park: Henry W. … We recommend checking it out as the views from the peak are the best on the trail. The surroundings were heavenly beautiful, but my bones weren’t very happy. Yosemite Valley to Tuolumne Meadows Trail, Pohono Trail: Glacier Point to Dewey Point, Four Mile Trail to Panorama Trail to Mist Trail, Upper Yosemite Falls, North Dome, Indian Rock, Snow Creek, North Dome, Tenaya Lake, Half Dome and Happy Isles via Snow Creek and John Muir Trail, Snow Creek, May Lake and Clouds Rest Loop. Campsites are located in clusters, all close enough to walk to the beach. Not for the faint of heart. The trail felt a lot flatter and more straightforward in this direction. The lower section of the track is in forest, but after about half way the trail opens up to stunning views of the valley: at first facing Half Dome and then the Sentinel as you turn the corner. More information El Capitan Group Anza - El Capitan State Beach Campsite Photos - We chilled at the top for 2 hours then coming down we alsp took a detour to Eagle Peak. It’s a long strenuous hike but there’s no real scrambling or tricky sections, aside from the descent from Upper Yosemite Falls which we hated (to be fair this is a popular trail in itself and you might not find it so bad!). There are many amazing places all over the world where you can camp with the comfort of knowing you’re safe, but adventurous people are always looking for more daring ways to add a thrill to their trip while sleeping outdoors. One of the most popular hikes down El Cap, is the Yosemite Falls Trail. The rock is grippy and there are no sheer drops, so there’s nothing to worry about. Spikes worked great. Some of the trail on the way to the summit of El Capitan. But after you pass the falls and continue going up, the mosquitos were the absolute worst I have ever seen. Super Smokey right now. About 0.5 miles from the summit is a small creek where you can fill up your water so long as you have a filter - we don’t recommend drinking from here unless you have one! Located in a seaside valley amidst 300 plus acres of the serene central Pacific coast, the grounds are beautifully maintained and offer direct access to woodland, riparian, and ocean ecosystems. It’s a perfect setting for swimming, fishing, surfing, picnicking and camping. 188 Reviews (805) 968-1033 Website.

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